Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Q and A with Jeff Owens

Q: How do you think your injury has impacted your life?

A: I think this injury has impacted my life in many different ways. First, I believe there is more to life than football. When I first came to UGA, football was my life. My #1 goal was to play three years then go pro. After being injured, I am focusing more on school, and I’m graduating in December 2009 with a major in early childhood family development, and a minor in consumer economics and housing.

Q: During the time when people go through difficult situations they become down about things that can alter their future. In the economy today things are hard and when your future is looking like it’s about to take another path for worse you have to rethink things. Did you feel like things were going bad and had to rethink your future?

A: In difficult situations I always try to weather the storm, no matter how hard things may seem, God can bring you out of any situation no matter what. When I first got injured I was lost and I felt like there was nobody that could comfort me. I put my trust in the lord and he brought me out of the struggle I was going through. My life did alter a little because I was a senior and I had plans on trying out for the NFL this year, but now I have to wait until next year. Since I’m staying another year at UGA I’m going to graduate with a degree and two minors.

Q: We all know that in 2008, there were bigger things going on than football. History was being made. You are 22 years old and I am assuming that this was the first time you ever paid attention to elections. Did you become apart of history and vote? If so, how did that make you feel?

A: This year a lot of history was made with President Barack Obama being the first black president. I was apart of this election and I felt real proud to witness the first black president, "yes we can."

Q: What were you doing when the announcement was made that President Obama won?

A: During the announcement, I was watching it with two of my teammates, Kade Weston and Rodrick Battle.

Q: The emotions were very high when he was elected and those emotions carry right over to the inauguration. Did you get a chance to see any of the inauguration? How did you feel at that moment he was sworn in?

A: The emotions were high when President Obama won the election, but during the inauguration I was in class and could not watch it live. Luckily I have x-box live, so I got a chance to see it recorded. I felt good knowing that times are really changing in our society. I feel that african american people have hope knowing that they can be whatever they want to be.

Q: Do you feel that having a prestigious man such as a President Barack Obama as president will influence young men, black as well as white to start taking on more responsibilities in their lives? You live the life as a role model to kids, so I'm sure you can relate to what he has done to influence young black men. The standards are high now.

A: I believe that president Obama will not only influence black men but also white men. He set a standard that every man, woman, boy and girl will try to accomplish things that has never been done before. As for me I try to be a positive role model in the Athens community. I know a lot of kids look up to me and want to be like me one day. The reason for me creating this blog is to inspire young men and women to never give in always stride for experiences.

Q: OK, so you heard the news of Stafford and Moreno leaving, of course that was national news. As long as I've been here when people leave there are always other players who are just as good who takes their place. Do you feel that even though those two were outstanding players, that Georgia has a fresh crew coming in to take over and continue the tradition?

A: Of course, I believe that we have a ton of talent. Stafford is a great quarterback and will do great in the NFL and Moreno was the best running back I have ever played with. Even though both of them are gone, I still believe that 2009 season will be one of the best in UGA history. This season reminds me of the 2005 season when David Greene and Pollack left. It was said Georgia wasn’t going to be good and we still won the sec

Q: Do you think that they should have stayed?

A: Honestly, that's not my decision to make as to whether they should have stayed or left. I believe that they are both ready for the NFL and will be successful in whatever they do.

Q: With all the scandals that are going on in football today with women going after athletes for the wrong reason, do you feel that you could tell the difference of who is and who is not there for the right reasons.

A: I think it is very hard to find a genuine companion these days. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if a woman is after you or your status. After watching "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" (lol), I'm really going to think very carefully about who I decide to marry.

Q: On average UGA has had 7 players that ended up being drafted on both days in the NFL draft. Lately, there hasn't been that many. Heaven forbid that anything happens to you but do you have a plan B if things do not work out in the NFL?

A: Yes, if the NFL does not work out for me, I have a plan B and plan C. My plan B would be some kind of job in the media, like a sports analyst (on tv) and/or a sports talk show host (on radio). My Plan C would include me being a high school teacher and coaching on the high school level.

Q: How do you feel about the rookie cap that is going to be place next year? Are you upset that you could maybe have gotten more money coming out this year? Or do you feel that it needed to be done?

A: I can't control what happens in the NFL. I can only control what I do here at Georgia. I'm not upset about coming back this season because I love college, Georgia Football and I love running out of the tunnel at Sanford Stadium

Q: Do you feel that you made the right choice of coming to the University of Georgia? A lot of guys come and do what they have to and never look back. Is this a place you will continue to call a second home?

A: I believe that I did make the right choice by coming to UGA. I had tons of scholarship offers coming out of high school. The main reason I chose Georgia was because I felt comfortable with the players and the coaching staff. I also really wanted to play in the SEC. I do feel that this is a second home for me. I love Athens, and I love playing for the Georgia


Q: Usually there is someone in college who really makes an impression on people and could maybe even change their lives. Someone you will remember for the rest of your life. Has anyone done that for you? A coach, professor, family member, friend, or girlfriend?

A: I have quite a few people that have made an impression on my life. First, my parents have been an inspiration in my life. Also, my high school coach, Frank Hepler, has been a mentor to me. Coach Garner, here at UGA, has been a father figure to me and took me in as one of his own.

Q: As you can see, a lot of NFL players are getting into trouble these days, whether it's steroids, guns, fighting, shooting, animal abuse, etc. How do see yourself withstanding the pressures and problems of what these men have been through? Money seems to make them believe that nothing can bring them down. Do you feel you can overcome that pressure?

A: First off, I feel that money does change some people. It is a struggle for professional athletes because they are placed on a pedestal and they are always in the lime light. Even here at UGA, people are watching our (athletes) every move. Everyone makes mistakes, athletes are only human. I believe I can overcome the pressure by putting my trust in God.

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