Thursday, April 2, 2009

Q and A with Ben Harden

Q and A

1. When is your Birthday? 11/23/87

2. What High school did you go to? Perry High School

3. What is your major? Housing

4. What is your favorite restaurant to eat in Athens? Wow’s

5. What is your favorite color? Blue

6. Do you plan on staying in Georgia after college? If my job allows me to

7. What's your favorite vacation spot? Miami

8. Who are some of your best friends on the team? The whole 406 crew, JD, Wood, Ozimot, Bean, JO and can’t forget Roach

9. Who inspires you the most? My pops

10. What is your favorite song (hip hop/R&B/Soul/Country/Gospel/Jazz)? Hip Hop Gorilla Zoe Dope Boy

11. If you could change one thing about yourself physically, what would it be? Nothing I love myself

12. What is your favorite movie? Scarface

13. What do you like to do for fun? Just hanging out with the boys

14. What's your favorite meal to eat? Chicken Alfredo from Olive Garden

15. What size shoe do you wear? 14

16. Why did you choose UGA? Close to home so the family could come up and watch

17. What's your proudest moment at UGA? Hasn’t happened yet but we working hard towards it this year and that’s winning that National Championship

18. What cell-phone service do you have? AT&T and Sprint

19. What's your fondest childhood memory? Riding go-carts with my brother and my cousins

20. What other city could you see yourself living? Atlanta

21. What is your favorite Dessert? Chocolate Ice Cream

22. If you could dream up your dream mate who would she look like? Gabriel Union

23. What is your greatest fear? GOD

24. What is your greatest accomplishment in life? My scholarship

25. Where are the top 3 spring break places you would love to visit? Miami, Cancun, Mexico, and Hawaii

26. Who is your favorite male actor? Female actress? Denzel Washington and Gabriel Union

27. If there were one woman you could marry, who would it be? Gabriel Union

28. What's your favorite reality show? Don’t really watch them.

29. Top Five All-Time Georgia players? Thomas Davis, David Pollack, Champ Bailey, DJ Shockley, and Garrison Hearst

30. What are your personal goals for the 2009 season? To help the team in anyway possible