Monday, February 16, 2009

Athletic trainers

People do not realize what all goes on behind the scenes in order to create and sustain a successful athletic program. There are many essential parts that keep a great program running. Athletic trainers fall into that group. Athletic trainers do not get the recognition they deserve. I believe they have one of the hardest jobs in the program. I credit them for all the work and effort they put in to help keep us healthy. All of the extra time that they put in helps keeps the program running smoothly. Since my injury I have gained a brand new appreciation for our athletic trainers. I have been rehabbing everyday trying to get my knee back to 100%without our athletic trainers, I'm not sure if I would have made the strides that I have made. You never see them in the media and you don't ever hear about them, but I call them the work horses of the program. With the number of major and minor injuries athletes sustain each year, no program would be able to keep a team if it were not for the athletic trainers. Although I have had the most contact with athletic trainers this year with my knee injury, I have also counted on them other times since I've been at UGA. When I dislocated my shoulder last spring, two student-trainers were by my side the entire time I was in the hospital. Also when I tore my ACL this past season, they were there giving my parents comfort and letting them know that I was going to be well taken care of. My parents appreciated that and so do I.

Here is an idea of our athletic trainers' daily schedule:

4:00 am: Wake up in order to set up for MATT drills.

8:00 to 2:15 pm: Time for classes to be taken.

2:30 to 6:30 pm: Training Room6:30pm- until:

Go home, eat dinner, study, and go to bed so that they can then do it all over again.

Athletic trainers, we don't tell you enough, but we truly appreciate all that you do for us and for the University.