Friday, March 27, 2009

Bulldog Nation....

Because I’m from Florida, I grew up around mostly Hurricane fans, Gator fans and Seminole fans. It wasn’t until I came to Georgia did I realize the power of Bulldog Nation. I had no clue that people in Georgia took football so seriously! Football is important in Florida, but there are so many Division I football programs that the fans are all split between different schools. This is not the case in Georgia. By far, I believe the majority of the collegiate football fans cheer for the Dawgs.
After four years at UGA, I know what it means to love the Dawgs. I believe in my heart that Georgia has the best fans in the country. No matter where we travel or how we are doing, we always get support from our fans. I love and appreciate Bulldog Nation for all the support they give us on and off the field. One of the main reasons why I wanted to play for UGA was the fan base…that and the opportunity to win a National Championship! No matter where I go, I always run into someone that loves UGA and the Bulldogs. I can be in any airport and if I’m wearing Georgia gear, there is always somebody that wants to talk about Georgia football or our upcoming season. When I drive from drive Athens to Atlanta I know that I see at least 20 vehicles with some type of Georgia Bulldog logo on them. We consistently sell out home games and we even had fans travel all the way to Arizona to watch us defeat Arizona State last season. Additionally, fan support and donations help keep the team running. For instance, we could not have state-of-the-art practice and academic facilities, if our fans did not support us like they do.
The loyalty and support that we receive from our fans makes it even more exciting to suit up and as I approach my final season, I realize that the rivalries in the SEC and the competition that we face each week are only part of what makes a being a Bulldog so great. As a Bulldog, you are a part of a tradition and that tradition is not only shared between the players. The fans are a huge part of what makes being a Bulldog special.
Most of us never get a chance to tell all of the thousands of fans how much they mean to us and to our success, so I want to take the opportunity to do it now. On behalf of all of the players (past, present, and future), thank you, Bulldog Nation! We couldn’t do this without you.