Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Josh Davis' thoughts on being a Georgia Football Player....

When the UGA football players reach campus, we don't know the route or reason behind our decisions. One thing we all know that in the end we are going to be a band of brothers . I came to UGA from out of state; I really didn't know anyone or what I was getting myself into. Things were hard from the start such as early morning workouts, mandatory classes, and the level of strain we put on bodies.

When it got hard this is when the brotherhood that is your teammate kicks in. There have been plenty days when my body was telling me '…quit…you can't do it…just give up…' but the guys beside me wouldn't let me let them down. We are each others backbone, and I am only as strong or weak as the man next to me. The man next to me since 2006 has been my roommate and friend Jeff Owens. This guy would never or will never let me quit and he refused to let me fall by the wayside. Because of that I am the man that I am today. This is what I have tried to replicate in my career as I get older. Trying to teach guys how not just to be good ballers, but good brothers to each other too. It's more than not letting your friends or team down, it about the guys that believe in you and you not failing them and not letting them fail you as a brother. This is just a brief introduction on what it takes to be a UGA football player and what it is actually all about.


  1. Wow, I am impressed with Owens, Josh and Battle.
    Great young men, they will go far in life with their attitude and love and respect for each other as a family of brothers. Wins are wonderful on the football field, the wins off the field in everyday life is the crowning glory.

    Thanks to the coaches, administrators,and the players themselves for creating and maintaining this family atmosphere. Go UGA

  2. Adversity is what builds comraderie and is what build teams. As a Soldier in the US Army, I read Jeff's comments and think back to my time as an Infantry platoon leader and what made us so close and willing to do anything for that guy on our right and on our left. It was the pain and suffering that we went through together in training and war that brought us together.

    The same things can occur for a football team. You suffer, sweat and work hard together and you begin to see the inner essence of your teammates. Who can you count on? Who is going to quit when they get tired? Over time, you learn to know and love those guys like your brothers.

    Congratulations for reaching that point as Bulldawg! I think the shared suffering through rough morning workouts, helping each other through injuries, and getting to love and trust each other as men is what will make you guys great! Drive on, Dawgs! Drive on!