Wednesday, February 4, 2009

All about Jeff Owens

Name: Jeff Owens
Birth date: October 14, 1986
Birthplace: Fort Lauderdale, Fl
Current Location: Athens, GA
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 6'2
Weight: 300
Piercings: Yes - my ears
Tattoos: Yes - 13 of them
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: I wish
Overused phrase: Must be two sides
Food: Pizza and hamburgers
Candy: Gummy Bears
Number: 95
Color: Blue
Animal: Shih Tzu
Drink: Hawaiian Punch
Bagel: Plain with cream cheese
NFL Team: Miami Dolphins
Vacation Spot: Bahamas
This or That
Pepsi or Coke: Diet Coke
McDonald's or Burger King: McDonald's
Strawberry or Watermelon: "Watermelon"
Hot tea or Ice tea: Sweet Ice tea
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla with cherries on top
Hot Chocolate or Coffee: Hot Chocolate with marsh mellows
Dog or Cat: Dog
Rap or Punk: Rap
Summer or Winter: Autumn
Scary Movies or Funny Movies: Scary movies...always
Love or Money: Love all the way
Bedtime: I try to go around 11:30
Most Missed Memory: Playing high school football
Best physical feature: My calves
First Thought Waking Up: To give God the glory
Goal for this year: To win a National Championship, to be first team All-SEC, All American and win an Outland Trophy
Best Friends: To many to count, I don't wanna leave no one out
Weakness: I am too kind hearted
Fears: Getting injured again, bears, the woods
Heritage: African American
Longest relationship: I don't know
Ever been beaten up: No
Ever beaten someone up: No
Ever Shoplifted: No
Ever Kissed Opposite sex: From time to time
Been Dumped Lately: No
Number of Regrets in the Past: I try to live my life by no regrets
What country do you want to Visit: England
How do you want to Die: Whenever the time is right
Been to the Mall Lately: Yes
Do you like Thunderstorms: Yes, I love them I get out of practice lol
Get along with your Parents: great love my parents, biggest inspirations of my life
Health Freak: At times
Do you think your Attractive: Yeah I think I am a handsome young man
Believe in Yourself: Always
Shower Daily: At least twice
Been in Love: Just puppy love
Do you Sing: Yes I always sing in the shower
Do you want Children: Yeah when the time is right
How many: I want about 3 or 4
Have your future kids names planned out: First son named after me...I want a jr.


  1. I was glad to see you were coming back Jeff. May your recovery make you stronger.

  2. This is so much better that Leonard Pope's website.

  3. Haribo Gummi Bears are the best hands-down.

  4. Jeff,
    I am praying you have a complete recovery and enjoy a most blessed and prosperous 09 season. Thanks for your contributions to the team and community. Go Dawgs!

  5. Dear Jeff,
    I knew our big goals for '08 were gone when you went down this year..I am kinda kidding, but mostly not : )...hope you are fully healed, feeling great, and enjoying your final year in Athens.

    Looking forward to seeing your passion and love for the game on the field in '09, it was sorely missed this year. P.S.: Please tell my ATL boy Reshad to make me look good this year, because I told all my friends when he signed with us, that he would be All-SEC like you-Thanks

  6. hey Big jeff....I read your on X BOX live. whats the screen name? Let me run ya in some NCAA 09. I know you playing it.

  7. Jeff...Read you are on X BOX live...whats the screen name? Let me run ya on some NCAA 09

  8. Jeff, you are a positive individual. I hope you fully recover and wish you the best! Go Dawgs!

  9. jeff, i'm in new ajc online daily...go to about 3-4 uga games a year...DUDE, WE NEED YOU BACK...SO GLAD YOU'LL BE THE MAN AGAIN ON THE D-LINE...
    best wishes,


  10. How can you not love Gummi Bears? I like the white/clear ones...taste like pineapple! Glad you're healthy again, man...look forward to watching you tear the O-line up this fall. Go Dawgs!

  11. Jeff, interesting to see you've got your own blog now. Don't see too many student-athletes with the forethought to dabble in this sort of forum. Hope your knee's nearly back to normal and good luck to you down the road.

    P.S. Who's caught more fish in the last 12 months? You or Joe Cox?

  12. Jeff,

    I believe everyone on the team should read "what it means to wear the G". You're a Damn Good Dawg and we're fortunate you decided to play ball at UGA. Good luck on your recovery and God bless!

  13. Hey man, really cool that you have let all your fans know so much about you in here. Good luck in your recovery and look forward to reading more... and seeing you on the field this fall.

  14. Being kind hearted is never a weakness.

  15. All I know is ..I felt your loss to the team was,in my mind, the most significant last really change the rotation for dl's and that filtered to the rest of the d..Ferndog

  16. Great job last night at Eastridge Community Church in Covington. Good luck in your conditioning and preparation for next year!

  17. Jeff,
    Myself and my family want to wish you a speedy recovery through these last weeks of it. Come out strong man. We need some defensive leaders and I'm glad one of them is yourself. Kick ass this year man.